RIM to offer films, songs and TV content for BB 10 users

The January 30 release of BlackBerry 10 is only a few days away, in preparation, RIM unveiled a revamped BlackBerry App market on Monday.

This store will provide a plethora of films, television shows, songs all beneath one convenient umbrella.

Although physical BlackBerry 10 smartphones have yet to be precisely disclosed, making certain users can receive all of their media requirements from one place is an intelligent move by the Canadian mobile phone manufacturer.
Blackberry 10
Several different BlackBerry 10 smartphones, such as the L series, have been leaked or found in FCC documents, though until the thingies emerge, those anticipating will have to be satisfied knowing only what software awaits.


RIM has stated that BlackBerry app store will provide an impressive music video catalogue accessible on a smartphone.
It will provid
e majority of films the similar day as the retail disc launch, will initially partner with several studios such as 20th Century Fox, Universal Studios, Walt Disney Studios.
In addition, 15 television networks will make their content accessible on it, counting the types of ABC, NBC Universal, Warner Bros.

The videos will be accessible for buy or rental, but the service will merely be accessible in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada to begin with.

Luckily, the songs selection will be prominent in many more nations, with 18 dissimilar marketplaces (United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, India, etc.) obtainable to start with.
There is also a broader variety of publishers making their catalogues obtainable DRM free to this store, offering users the chance to buy Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music group, Matador Records, etc.

Decreasing prices:

Although Research in Motion did not revealed what it will be charges for the content in the BlackBerry market the company did just introduce a few fresh price deductions on the BB store.
As per the BlackBerry Developer Blog, the enhancements are merely being witnessed in nations that utilize the Euro the United Kingdom at the moment, though must be releasing out to the other markets shortly.
In the United Kingdom the minimum pricing has fallen from £1.00 to £0.75, with the Euro costs varying from one market to another.

For any user with real items already up for grabs, the enhancements will occur automatically.

MWC 2013: Samsung will unveil the Galaxy Note 8.0

Samsung has huge plan for the forthcoming Mobile World Congress 2013. Samsung president head of mobile communications, JK Shin unintentionally affirmed that the manufacturer will unveil the Galaxy Note 8.0 at the conference, as stated by Korean News Daily. The Galaxy Note 8 will arrive with a High Definition screen will offer a quad core 1.5 GHz Samsung Exynos mobile central processing unit. It will also bundle the S Pen will flaunt the TouchWiz user experience layered on Android v4.1 Jelly Bean operating system.

The Galaxy Note 8 will sit between the present Galaxy Note products with touchscreen sizes ranging between 5.3 to 10.1inches.

Galaxy Note 8.0 will sport a 1280 x 800 pixels resolution 8 inches screen that will also come with S Pen input. It will come with 2 GB RAM 16 or 32 GB on board memory space.

The South Korean manufacturer would not confess this; however it aspires to attract users who want to buy a 7incher tablet. Making it a bit bigger than the usual tablets in the segment, Samsung has once again copied Apple. The iPad mini also flaunts a 7.9 inches screen.

We think it is a nice idea to offer a tablet like this. The Note is already popular, and cashing in the fame of the series makes quite good sense.

So guys, what do you think about this upcoming slate? you can use the comments section given below.

Rumor: Samsung set to uncover Galaxy Xcover 2 at Mobile World Congress 2013

Samsung is showcasing the successor to its tough S5690 Galaxy Xcover smart phone at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Considering the code name Skomer the S7110 Galaxy Xcover 2 is expected to flaunt a larger 4inches touchscreen of WVGA (480 x 800 pixels) resolution, while the previous one was flaunting a 3.65inches HVGA (320 x 480) unit. The snapper has been increased from 3.2 MP to 5 MP there is also a 0.3MP front viewing now. Internal memory space is 4 GB though users can increase it through micro SD card slot.

The battery is expected to be 1700 mAh capacity, which is a bit more than the 1500mAh of its predecessor. The Galaxy Xcover 2 will arrive with Android Jelly Bean (either 4.1 or 4.2) accompanied by the Samsung newest TouchWiz with Nature UX.

The usual plethora of connectivity facilities are there too HSPA+ up to 21.1 Mbps, WiFi a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, Global Positioning System, etc. sadly, we do not have any information about LTE connectivity.

Finally the smartphone will arrive in two color schemes Titan Gray and Black/Red. We also expect more colour options to join pretty soon.

As the Xcover was, it will also be sturdy enough to withstand any conditions. Many users value such tough handsets, and the new version will certainly attract plenty of buyers.

Keep in mind that the above stated features are subject to be different before the thingy goes official. And do not forget to give your view through the comments section given below.

UK Mobile Network EE finally gets HTC One SV

The UK high speed mobile broadband infrastructure will begin to get in shape correctly next week, when Ofcoms 4G sale will get bidders for the fresh LTE spectrum prior to the wider roll out.

Till then, it is still very much EEs party, the United Kingdom exclusive 4G network operator appears intent on making the most of its advantaged place, increasing its handset lineup with the inclusion of the HTC One SV.

Agreements for the HTC One SV on EE began at £36 for each month for a two years contract featuring a free device 500 MB of data a fairly modest grant that majority of users will burn through rapidly given super fast downloading speeds. Increase the amount to £46 each month users can relish in a healthier sounding 3GB to have fun with.

All EE plans come with unlimited calls texts, though the tariffs still appear on the steep side considering that it is surely a mid range phone option.

Released in December 2012, the One SV is related to the HTC One S, which was launched in April 2012. The fresh model includes 4G connectivity a micro SD card slot, although other features are downgraded: the touchscreen resolution (800 x 480 pixels Vs 960 x 540 pixels, in that order), camera lens (5 megapixel Vs 8 megapixel), internal memory space (8GB Vs 16GB) are all clear compromises.

The HTC One SV flaunts a dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 chip clocking at 1.2GHz, also sports Beats Audio improvements Near Field Communication technology.

Apple marketing chief dismisses possibility of iPhone mini

The marketing chief at the Cupertino based manufacturer has declined all the rumours about the rumoured and surprising iPhone mini.

Rumours about a smaller and cheaper iPhone surfaced a few days back, and some trusted newspapers confirmed the possibility. Rumours stated that Apple is aiming to enter the untested affordable segment. The move was also aimed at alluring consumers in developing markets.

If the rumours come out to be true, then you will be able to buy an iPhone at an inexpensive price. But, as Apple official has dismissed any possibility, do not expect much.

The cheap iPhone mini could also affect the brand value of this series. We do not anticipate Apple to come out with anything affordable smartphone.

Wall Street Journal hints iPhone mini debut in 2013

Many sources have hinted towards the forthcoming reasonable iPhone earlier, though when the Wall Street Journal is affirming the guess, we have to listen.

The Journal simply arrived with a story that the Cupertino based manufacturer is working on a cheaper iPhone smartphone to arrive as soon as this year, and cited individuals briefed with this issue.

Whilst the previous rumour was that this market expanding iPhone will strive for a bigger touchscreen, WSJ states that it will truly look like the existing iPhone, though feature different, convenient to produce materials for the body, similar to the light sturdy polycarbonate that the S3 the Lumia 920 are made with, in the place of the costly glass metal alloy body that covers the iPhone 5.

This will actually represent the biggest change for the affordable iPhone edition, with other existing components going straight into it, whilst anything new the American manufacturer arrives with will be retained for its nobler more costly yearly version that should come in the summer.

Apple is not unfamiliar to offering different editions, sizes and colours for different tastes, as they do with the iPod range, if the rumour about a mass market iPhone in 2013 comes out to be true, it will be apparent that Apple is assertively aspiring to conquer market share from archenemy Android with a rapid change in its strategy.

So guys, what do you think about this issue? Let us know through the comments section given below.

CES 2013: Huawei unveils two new devices

Huawei press conference at Consumers Electronics Show is over as we anticipated it brought two fresh Android devices.

Huawei Ascend D2

The Ascend D2 flaunts a 5incher 1080p screen (that is 443 pixels per inch) with incredibly slim body, water dust resistance. The smart phone is powered by a home baked quad core 1.5GHz central processing unit with yet to be announced Graphic Processing Unit offers 2 GB RAM. It sports a 13 MP snapper on its rear that can shoot videos in 1080p format.

The remaining specifications include a 1.3 MP front snapper, 32 GB internal memory space, all round connectivity except Long Term Evolution, a 3000mAh battery. There is no micro SD card slot.

Huawei Ascend Mate

The Ascend Mate comes with a 6.1inches 720p screen, which works with gloves. The smartphone is expected to have the sleekest body in the market, its touchscreen covering 73 percent of its front. It is power driven by the similar quad core 1.5GHz central processing unit similar to the Ascend D2 possesses 2GB of RAM.

The Ascend Mate flaunts an 8 MP rear snapper with 1080p video recording a 1.3MP front viewing one. The LTE connectivity is absent on the Ascend Mate either, though at the moment there is a micro SD card slot for increasing the integrated storage. The battery is also bigger obviously, up to 4050mAh.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 deals: Why users like it smartphone

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is a smartphone that needs a separate bag to carry. It is so huge, but perhaps some users like that.

How much big can a smartphone get? The Galaxy Note 2 is the ideal answer to this question. The smartphone is the largest by any means. The South Korean major intended to make a handset that seems out of our imagination, and quite frankly they do it really well. The handset flaunts a massive 5.3inches screen, which is totally unbelievable. It is thus not practical and needs to be dismissed right away. Contrary to this, the tech lover’s community has welcomed this device with open arms.

The handset is not just awkward, but also quite expensive. But, that problem could be solved by Galaxy Note 2 deals. And in the end, we will cover this topic as well. It could be said that the handset in question needs a lot of answers before it passes our tests. The huge display is clear, vivid, and ideal for viewing movies. Even web browsing is great, but we are missing something. What about making a call? Quite frankly, this is where the deal gets a bit confusing. We are not comfortable using this device as a calling gadget. You need a SEPARATE mobile phone for that purpose.

The Galaxy Note 2 comes with a mighty quad core processor, which offers swiftness and slickness. Both the attributes are necessary for the hour. There is no doubt that this device will be used mostly for playing games. And a powerful processor is very helpful. So, game on guys!

Another feature that needs to mention here is the S pen. The stylus does a wonderful job, but only for some fun tasks. Samsung has also added as few apps developed exclusively for the stylus. These apps enhance the appeal of the stylus and of course the smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 deals are available with all the leading service providers in the UK mobile phone market. Of course, your comparison portal must be offering this handset. Log on to your favorite comparison portal to find the best deals. There is no need to spend a lot of time in the market, as the online comparison portals do a decent job.