Samsung Ativ S available in UK; Ativ S Tab also on its way

The Samsung Ativ S is finally accessible in stock in the United Kingdom mobile phone market beginning today, whilst the Windows RT running Ativ Tab can be purchased from Friday.

The Ativ S is already accessible in the Austrian market will shortly arrive to Sweden as well.
Clove UK is offering the Ativ S at £442.80 with VAT added the Ativ Tab at £538.80.

Users can buy the Windows Phone 8 phone for less from Unlocked Mobiles, where this handset is priced at £424.98 SIM free. Presently, this smartphone can be preordered though stock is anticipated to come tomorrow.

Lastly, Phones4U offers the Ativ S for pre order with a Vodafone or O2 contract. This contract allows users to get the smartphone for £30 or even free. Likely delivery is December 21 on the shopping portal.

If you are not aware of the Ativ S, there’s some help. The ATIV S flaunts the 4.8 Super AMOLED HD screen, 8 MP snapper, etc. It also has the general appearance of the flagship Galaxy S3, which is both a good and bad thing. We were expecting something unique and appealing. The Ativ S fares badly in front of the Lumia smartphones and HTC WP offerings. Another disappointment is the dual core Krait processor present under the hood, though the Windows Phone runs smoothly on the CPU. But, we are a bit concerned about the upcoming games.

The Ativ Tab competes directly with the Surface RT, flaunts a 10.1” screen and a dual core Krait CPU.