Patent wars intensify; now Nokia wants to ban BlackBerry smartphones

Nokia has prepared the ground for a prohibition on sales of BlackBerry smartphones in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada in a fresh wave of resentments in the ongoing patent wars all over the world. The series also comprises of Ericsson’s filing a lawsuit against Samsung over suspected patent breach.

The Ericsson charge could have widespread consequences if its demand for a sales ban against Samsung is approved in the United States, since it would influence each Samsung gadget with calling ability. A late entrant in the patent wars, Nokia, whose fresh phones have topped Amazons sales lists, is ready to go one-one-one with the Canadian telecommunication giant over some patents they’ve given to each other in 2013. These patents are related to Wi-Fi connectivity.

Actually, Nokia and Research in Motion settled a cross-license for standards-essential patents. In 2011, the Canadian manufacturer wanted negotiation, alleging that the license goes beyond cellular essentials.
And a few days back, the arbitration tribunal ruled not in favor of Research in Motion. It discovered that the Canadian firm is actually breaching contracts and is not allowed to make or retail WLAN goods without first deciding royalties with the Finnish telecommunication giant. To impose the Tribunals verdict, Nokia has filed actions in the United States, United Kingdom Canada with the goal of ending BlackBerrys breach of contract.

In the meanwhile, we haven’t received any comment from RIM. They’ve to release their new BB 10 platform in 2013, and a lawsuit from Nokia is definitely an undesired nuisance.