Nintendo uncovers the Wii mini; affordable with a few compromises

Only yesterday, there was rumors on internet that Nintendo is aspiring to make a new Wii. And this product will be smaller, less expensive, and more compact. It does no take much for the rumors to come true, as Nintendo’s has lastly uncovered it, named the Wii Mini.

It will be accessible from December 7, and the package will comprise of a red Wii Remote Plus a Nunchuk controller. The console is more flat-rested, which must be disappointing for the vertical admirers. Sadly, it will not support GameCube games such as the newest Wii. It will also lack the capability to connect to web for Virtual Console or Wii Ware gaming titles.

The absence of online support is strange considering the Japanese major’s policy to be more online-friendly as we’ve seen in the Wii U. perhaps, this device is aimed at consumers who haven’t ever used a gaming console before, or only desires an affordable Wii. At the moment, Nintendo has not hinted anything if it will be accessible outside of the Canadian market in its press release. Only thing that we are certain of is its reasonable price tag. It will be offered for $99 in Canada.

There are some reports that the Japanese gaming giant has no intentions of releasing the Wii mini in the UK. Their complete focus in on the newly-launched Wii U. Also, no one in the UK will settle for a gaming console with no online support. Still, if any of you believes otherwise, please let us know through the comments section below.