Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S4 to flaunt 13 MP shooter

The rumored Samsung Galaxy S IV is expected to come with a display, and the Exynos 5450 chipset. The snapper is rumored to be approximately 13MP, which is quite impressive. This device could be displayed at the upcoming Consumers electronics Show. If the rumors are come out to be true, competition is sure to have a tough time dealing with it. Also, the screen quality is anticipated to remain same, which is saddening.

Even the Galaxy S3 was supposed to bring out the power of a 13MP snapper. But, the rumors turn out to be false. So, it’s too early to say anything about the Galaxy S4 before any official announcement.

HTC Deluxe DLX’s new images surfaces online; confirms color options

Rumors are flying about a new upcoming smartphone. HTC Deluxe could be on its way to hit the market shelves. Some of its images have surfaced online. And the just leaked press photos of the HTC Deluxe has made everyone craving for more, now we are getting subjected to 3 fresh official photographs of the monstrous smartphone.

The leaked photographs do not explain much about the upcoming handset, but affirm that it will be obtainable in black, brown white. The source is claiming that this phone will be named as HTC Deluxe DLX.

The HTC Deluxe DLX could be the international variant of the US-only HTC DROID DNA Japan-bound J Butterfly. It also flaunts a 5-incher Super LCD3 full High Definition screen. It is power-driven by 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon Krait central processing unit 2GB of RAM. The specs list is certainly impressive, and is a strong reason to wait for it. And the handset is indeed a beauty, particularly in white color.

It is still not known when the HTC Deluxe will hit the market shelves, though events like the Consumers Electronics Show Mobile World Congress 2013 make for an appropriate guess. At this instant, price is still anonymity, though the source of the photographs states that tech buffs should anticipate more info on the HTC Deluxe on December 6.

So guys, we have hit the dead end here. Please let us know your views about this upcoming device. You can use the comments section given below.

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HTC Windows Phone 8S available on pre-order

Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTCs mid range Windows Phone 8 device, the HTC Windows Phone 8S is now available on preorder at Carphone Warehouse.

The seller currently offers the HTC Windows Phone 8S merely in blue, thus users will have to visit some other market to get other color options, such as yellow, black, white, red, grey or red, orange variant.

HTc one X Plus Contract

The sellers c selection of tariffs is not all that impressive as well, because Carphone Warehouse is providing the smartphone on merely two plans. If you are looking for a free HTC Windows Phone 8S you will need to choose the twenty four months £21 Vodafone tariff, which arrives with one hundred minutes, unlimited messages 100 MB of monthly data.

Or, users can shell out £100 for the smartphone, and receive a less expensive 2 years £17 Vodafone agreement.

Carphone Warehouse is also offering the smartphone SIM-free for £229.95, promises to commence shipping the handset from the week starting from 3 December.

If you are not able to choose whether the handset is ideal for you, let’s have a quick recap of the device’s specs list. The HTC WP 8S comes with a 4-inch WVGA touchscreen, 1GHZ dual-core central processing unit, a 5 MP rear-facing snapper, incorporated beats audio technology, memory space that can be expanded through a micro SD card.

Once it is launched at the commencement of December, the HTC Windows Phone 8S will be obtainable to purchase on the Three, O2, and Orange mobile networks.

Android growth hurting Apple; could set a major setback to iOS in near future

The Android operating system is present in about three out of four mobile phone sold worldwide in the present quarter as the OS dominated the marketplace, as per industry trackers at IDC.

Android is one of the main growth engines of the smart phone marketplace since its launch in 2008. This is the words of IDCs mobile phones research manager Ramon Llamas.

In the tablet computers market as well, Apples market share has decreased to merely over 50% from 65% in the Q2 as Android gizmos gain momentum, as per IDC numbers.

Stephen Baker stated that Android is benefited by having several individuals developing a lot of things at different price points with multiple companies makes a huge difference.

Android smart phones shipments increased to 136m illion, beating those in the similar quarter in 2011 by somewhat more than 90 percent, as per IDC.

Samsung Galaxy S3 passed the iPhone 4S in Q3 to become the biggest-selling device in the smartphone market all over the world, which signifies the importance of Android among consumers.

The speed of innovation is better in Android than its rivals, as they are trying really hard to beat the competition, and Apple is visibly behind them in this area.

Android is also in a better position as it’s an open source operating system that manufacturer can utilize free of any charge modify as per their wish, giving the search giant insights along the way.

On the other hand, Apple strictly monitors all of its gadgets in every step, and even their apps store.

Sony will release a new flagship model soon; aiming to counter iPhone and Galaxy S3

Sony is set to unveil a high-end Android-running smart phone, which could take on the likes of iPhone 5 the Samsung Galaxy S3. Most excellent of all, the manufacturer will showcase the purported device at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show Mobile World Congress next year.

According to Sony, pretty soon they will finish a flagship product, which would be potent enough to contend with the likes of iPhone Samsung Galaxy S3. In addition, a spokesperson for the Japanese mobile phone maker has also alleged that the new flagship model will also be accessible through Mobile World Congress which is slated to happen in the beginning of 2013.

Galaxy S3 Red Contract Deals

According to Sony, the Asian telecommunication giant does not have any intentions to come up with a Windows Phone smartphone the firm will presently place all of their attention only on Android.

There are lots of rumored Sony smartphones the mere one that fits the portrayal of a true iPhone/Galaxy S3 rival is the Sony C660X Yuga. It is supposed to be powered by a quad-core Krait processor, sport a 13 MP snapper, relish in a 5-incher 1080p display. Obviously, we can’t confirm these gossips. Also, there is another rumored device with the name of Xperia C650x Odin. This could be flagship Sony is talking about.

Sony is also ready to uncover new slates apart from their current Xperia S slate, though new options will not be many. The basis for that is the competitive price rivalry in this division.

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Verizon begins shipping of Nokia Lumia 822; Get ready for some Windows Phone 8 action

A number of confirmation e-mails sent to Verizon users’ display that the Windows Phone 8 running Nokia Lumia 822 has already left for their home. The affirmations display the delivery date for the smartphone as November 15th, which is the upcoming Thursday. There is a little hint that the grey-colored edition of the handset has not yet started shipping because of a few issues with supply, though this is only speculation at this instant.

Verizons website displays the Nokia Lumia 822 shipping date on November 13th. The thingy is $99.99 with a signed two years contract. The HTC 8X will start shipping by November 21st as per the Big Reds website, is priced at $199.99 on pact. The Nokia Lumia 822 is a Verizon exclusive. The smartphone is similar to the Nokia Lumia 820 though the Verizon variant offers a bigger capacity battery at 1800mAh Vs 1650, a 1.2MP front-viewing snapper against the 0.3MP camera on the frontage of the Nokia Lumia 820.

It is clear that Microsoft is striving to make a big push with Windows Phone 8, as it tries to compete with iOS and Android platforms, which are dominating the marketplace. The firm witnessed limited success with the Windows Phone 7, though a more flexible design endorsement will boost the numbers.
Nokia Lumia 822
We hope that Windows Phones gather some momentum in the market. And for consumers, the more options they had the better it is for them. But, the price has to be tempting enough to lure consumers from Android and iOS.

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Apple earning fewer profits from iPad mini

Not to anyone’s surprise, Apple earned less in total profits in comparison with the quarter before. It seems like that could be a drift, as the telecommunication giant has also stated in the earnings call that the iPad mini is getting retailed at profit margins considerably lower the average Apple gadget.

Apples CFO Peter Oppenheimer stated that though the tablet is getting retailed at a much better cost than direct rivals such as the Google Nexus 7 or Amazon Kindle Fire, the slate’s gross margin is considerably less than the manufacturers average. Sadly, the American manufacturer did not explain this at all, thus we are left to guess.

New ipad White

It appears sensible that the aluminum case of the tablet is more expensive than the rivals’ plastic and rubber casing. Apart from this, we are seeing trouble guessing the huge dissimilarities. Apple iPad mini uses a 2 year old processor; where as the Nexus Tegra is merely a year old. Both the Nexus Fire have tinier screens, though higher resolutions, thus the price of the screen might not be much different between them the iPad. Obviously, the Nexus Fire are both retailed at cost, whilst the iPad Mini will make something of a profit.

It must be noticed though that one of the major grievances against the Cupertino-based mobile phone maker has been that the firm overcharges strives to get as much profit from users as possible. Considering this report, and the reports that the manufacturer has collected fewer profits for the third quarter, some of you may argue that Tim Cook has begun to run the company his way.

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3 million Galaxy Note 2 units old in one month

Apparently Samsung is not in a mood to allow anyone to come near its top position. After the massive success of its flagship model, the Galaxy S3, the South Korean telecommunication is relishing in the success of its phablet –the Galaxy Note 2. The 5.5” tablet computer is now present in 3 million pockets all over the world, and this has been achieved only in 37 days after its September release.

The brisk Galaxy Note 2 Deals sale implies in not just creation of a new category in the smartphone market, but also of popularity of the segment. When the first Note was released, there was distrusted in the market about its appeal. Still, the handset (if you call it one) sold decent units. Even many other manufacturers can be seen entering the newly-found category in the technology world.

The figure is not as astonishing as Galaxy S3 distant from Apple’s iPhone 5 sales, but it is still an achievement for the manufacturer, and for any smartphone in the phablet category. The initial Galaxy Note sold only 2million units 4 months after its debut (way more than the initial anticipations), thus the Note 2 is a sound success without a doubt. And with the holiday shopping season coming, many of you would aspire for this device.

So guys, what you do you think? Is the phablet category here to stay for a very long time ? And will more and more users will be tempted for a huge smartphone like this? Let us know through the comments section give below.