Rumor: iPhone 5S coming in August, iPad mini could land next month

It is rumored that Apple is preparing to launch the iPhone 5S for this summer, presently for August. And new iPad versions, the iPad mini 2, might also release as shortly as this April.

Sources known with the preparations have stated that the iPhone 5S will arrive with the similar basic design as the iPhone 5, with a more advanced central processing unit an enhanced snapper. With the iPhone 5 the Cupertino based manufacturer made the case slimmer. With the iPhone 5S, the aspiration is to one more time raise the bar in aspects of iPhone optics, counting a much improved snapper in basically the similar case. No big surprises here considering the previous history of S class iPhone handsets.

We have also been informed that an Aprilish release is getting serious thought for the next generation iPad, though we are really not certain what to make of this yet. Apple iPad 5 cases have already started to leak the mere huge redesign. Retina for the smaller tablet is still sounding imminent.

Apple is not going to launch iPad editions that is priced more. Therefore, if the next iPad mini comes in April, it might be a feature bump, or offer somewhat other than Retina as a differentiators. Expectantly we will know more shortly.

Much of these gossips match other latest gossips, although the timelines do differ somewhat. Detailing can do change, a few times repeatedly. But, the broad strokes for Apple 2013 iOS range appear to be becoming clear. Although, again, we stick firm to the belief that hardware only is not sufficient, iOS and iCloud will be the most significant factors going forward.

Rumor: iPhone 5S coming in August, iPad mini could land next month
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