Rumor: Apple iWatch is in works; tech buffs waiting eagerly for it

The absence of innovation from Apple has been worrying even the co founder Steve Wozniak. He thinks that the manufacturer is losing its cool. But with rumors that hundred engineers are developing the Apple iWatch, the thrill is gradually building for what might be the next fresh Apple thingy. In addition on Thursday morning, the USPTO launched a patent request filed by the Cupertino based mobile phone maker for a bracelet that can be utilized as a watch as well. It might have several attributes counting the capability to reply to text messages, list calls, re arrange playlists, etc. A virtual keypad emerges over the flexible display when required.

As per the patent, & photographs acquired by Patently Apple, it would utilize a slap bracelet to bind around the wrist. As per the patent application, active communication between an accessory & a portable electronic thingy can be achieved without any wires. For instance, wireless data connectivity such as the 5 GHz 802.11n protocol can offer ample data transmission bandwidth to transfer a high quality video streaingm. The application also clarifies how this device, being worn on the arm, can give a traveler with a glance at a map with a tap of the wrist. Flashing lights on the corner of the screen would alert tech buffs to an event.

As per the Apple, it can also be utilized as a light for night time bike riding whilst on the arm. And a gyroscope or accelerometer assists orient the touchscreen rightly. Tech buffs are eagerly waiting for Apple new innovation.

Rumor: Apple iWatch is in works; tech buffs waiting eagerly for it
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