Rumor: Google to open its own retail stores in the US; begin by selling Google Glass

We know that several users are not certain about purchasing a smartphone or slate online since they cannot get a notion of what the thingy feels like in their hands. Users also do not get to know the response of the thingy. And that is the reason the search mogul is expected to open several stores in popular metropolitan regions of the US. Whilst retailing Nexus smart phones slates online has been very successful for them, imagine if the firm was able to allure those customers who desire to test out a thingy prior to purchasing it. The stores are anticipated to be open for the holidays in main cities.

Google has tried this before with Chrome stores inside a store in several Best Buy locations in the United States in the United Kingdom market, it has such shops in fifty PCWorld/Dixon locations where the search company has taught the sales team to know everything about chrome books. As per one source, Google has way bigger plans with retail stores. At the Best Buy Dixon locations, the Google staff is present only to answer questions the actual transactions, counting the management of money, is left to the store own workers. At Google own shops, Google staff would enjoy full control.

The verdict to start these shops was planted in Google executives minds while thinking about how to offer Google Glass to buyers. Without tech experts to show you Google Glass, it would be a hard sell in the $500-$1,000 price level that the thingy is anticipated to sell for. If the decision happened to begin a store to retail Google Glass, increasing the access to retail Google Nexus phones only seemed similar to a natural expansion of the notion. And speaking about ideas, Google will have an opportunity at displaying its driverless cars other technology.

Rumor: Google to open its own retail stores in the US; begin by selling Google Glass
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