Seven mobile operating systems coming your way in 2013

In 2013, we are ready a sudden surge in the number of operating systems. After BlackBerry 10 Os, there are several other platforms ready to enter the smartphone souk. Have a look:

Ubuntu Mobile:

Linux based Ubuntu is set to make its market debut this year. The founder of Ubuntu states that minimum requirements of this OS are dual core central processing unit 512 MB of RAM. Merely a few applications will be accessible for this OS, though since Android is also made on Linux, all the applications can be tweaked to go with it.

In spite of the lack of applications, Ubuntu has been respected for its web surfing experience its compatibility with a laptop dock.

Firefox OS:
Mozilla has launched the developer version of two smartphones working on its mobile operating system. It is cloud based aiming at budget conscious users.

Since Firefox operating system is based on standards based web technologies such as HTML, CSS and Javascript, it is a great option for developers. The major design elements of the OS are same to Android, though being a cloud based operating system gives it the benefit of affordable price points on smartphones.

Android 5.0 (Key Lime Pie):
Sources claim that the new edition of Android will be known as Key Lime Pie guess is prevalent that it will be showed on the forthcoming LG Optimus G2 or Samsung Galaxy S4, although nothing has been affirmed.

iOS 7:
When it releases in 2013, Apple iOS 7 will pump up the most famous lineup of mobile devices iPhones, iPads iPods. It is anticipated to arrive with a plethora of fresh attributes assist enhance the Maps Siri experience for Apple owners.

Along with it, the next upgrade in the firm mobile operating system is also anticipated to fetch NFC capable Passbook application in iPhones other Apple thingies, as the firm just filed a patent for the same.


Tizen is a mobile OS based on Nokia MeeGo platform stared when Samsung Intel joined hands to make a HTML5 mobile platform for smartphones, slates, televisions other widgets. Moreover the Software Development Kit (SDK) for the OS is already out for application developers.

An offshoot of the Nokia MeeGo platform, Sailfish operating system is developed by developers who are working on the OS at the Finnish manufacturer. Jolla is the manufacturer making this OS aspiring to fetch a new UI functionalities to marketplace so as to distinguish itself from Android operating system.

Seven mobile operating systems coming your way in 2013
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