Wall Street Journal hints iPhone mini debut in 2013

Many sources have hinted towards the forthcoming reasonable iPhone earlier, though when the Wall Street Journal is affirming the guess, we have to listen.

The Journal simply arrived with a story that the Cupertino based manufacturer is working on a cheaper iPhone smartphone to arrive as soon as this year, and cited individuals briefed with this issue.

Whilst the previous rumour was that this market expanding iPhone will strive for a bigger touchscreen, WSJ states that it will truly look like the existing iPhone, though feature different, convenient to produce materials for the body, similar to the light sturdy polycarbonate that the S3 the Lumia 920 are made with, in the place of the costly glass metal alloy body that covers the iPhone 5.

This will actually represent the biggest change for the affordable iPhone edition, with other existing components going straight into it, whilst anything new the American manufacturer arrives with will be retained for its nobler more costly yearly version that should come in the summer.

Apple is not unfamiliar to offering different editions, sizes and colours for different tastes, as they do with the iPod range, if the rumour about a mass market iPhone in 2013 comes out to be true, it will be apparent that Apple is assertively aspiring to conquer market share from archenemy Android with a rapid change in its strategy.

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Wall Street Journal hints iPhone mini debut in 2013
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